Afro Asian Advisory Service - Services

Our Services

The Afro-Asian Advisory Service provides specialist immigration information, advice and representation services primarily to the community of Southwark. We are also available to those who live outside the borough and can thus provide a support service to any advisers working in other parts of the UK.

We carry out the following services:

The organisation has both the specialist knowledge and many years of experience dealing with British Nationality Right of Abode matters. We tackle complex cases in these areas of law. The organisation also has facilities available to provide specialist training to second-tier agencies where the advice workers do not have detailed knowledge on immigration, asylum and nationality laws.

Service Delivery Methods

The Afro-Asian Advisory Service uses the following methods of service delivery to ensure access to all clients, particularly those from socially excluded groups:

Quality Assurance

The organisation strives to maintain the highest standard of service. It maintains the Specialist Quality Mark, is regularly audited by the Legal Services Commission and has its success rate monitored on a monthly basis. The service is also monitored by the Law Society. The organisation holds the following qualifications

As part of supervision are set by the LSC. The same standards will be provided for the project and consequently LSC accredited supervisors will ensure that high standard of advice and representations are maintained throughout.

Partner Agencies

The AAAS has established links with other relevant organisations – Southwark Law Centre, Cambridge House Law Centre, Southwark CAB, Blackfriars Advice Centre, Southwark Refugee Project, Social Services, Health Visitors etc. It is common practice for local advice agencies to refer cases to AAAS and discuss matters of law relating to immigration and nationality using the organisation’s telephone advice service. Constituents who consult MPs in Southwark on immigration matters are referred to the AAAS to deal with the cases. There is also an understanding with the local MP, Harriet Harman, and Cambridge House Law Centre that AAAS will deal with the immigration aspects of their cases.

The AAAS is also a member of the Southwark Legal Advice Network (SLAN). The SLAN website contains extensive information (in English and 18 community languages) about generalist and specialist advice services in Southwark, as well as links to online self-help resources.